Industrial blower

Model: sc single impeller Frequency: 50Hz
Phase: single phase,3phase Impeller: single impeller
Power supply: 220-240V、345-415V Motor power: 0.37-18.5(kw)
Max airflow: 80-270(m3/h) Max suction: -40~-340(mbar)
Max blow: 40-460(mbar) Weight: -(kg)
Dimensions (L*W*H): -(mm)
*Attention: The above parameter refers to the blower suction / blow under zero airflow.
  • The Industrial blower are approved by ISO9001: 2008 international quality management system certificate and the European CE certification.
  • This Industrial blower has the advantages of:Low noise, no wear,No oil, no pollution,small size , long life, high efficiency, reliable performance, ease of use and so on.
  • Many kinds of specification types, superior quality and quick delivery.

Industrial blowerIndustrial blower

Industrial blower is widely used in the HP vacuum industry.

  1. Free of oil and pollution;
  2. Steady operation;
  3. Maintenance-free.


Packaging industry, plastic industry, food industry, vacuum systems, material handling, printing industry, pharmaceutical industry, filling industry, environmental engineering, textiles,medical equipment and other industries. Air knife

model power supply 50Hz motor power max air flow max blow max suction weight(KG)
SC-370-B1S1 Single-phase220-240V 370W 80m3/h 110(mbar) -110(mbar) 11
SC-370-B3S1 370W 100m3/h 110(mbar) -110(mbar) 11
SC-550-C1S1 550W 120(mbar) -120(mbar) 13
SC-700-C1S1 700W 150(mbar) -150(mbar) 14
SC-700-C3S1 700W 145m3/h 100(mbar) -100(mbar) 14
SC-800-D1S1 800W 160(mbar) -150(mbar) 15
SC-1300-D1S1 1.3KW 190(mbar) -150(mbar) 16
SC-850-D3S1 850W 180m3/h 110(mbar) -100(mbar) 16
SC-1300-D3S1 1.3KW 210m3/h 160(mbar) -160(mbar) 21
SC-1300-E1S1 1.3KW 160(mbar) -160(mbar) 21
SC-1500-E1S1 1.5KW 200(mbar) -190(mbar) 24
SC-1500-E3S1 1.5KW 270m3/h 120(mbar) -140(mbar) 26
SC-250-B1T6 3phase345-415V 250W 80m3/h 110(mbar) -100(mbar) 9
SC-400-B1T6 400W 130(mbar) -120(mbar) 10
SC-250-B3T6 250W 105m3/h 80(mbar) -80(mbar) 10
SC-400-B3T6 400W 130(mbar) -120(mbar) 11
SC-700-B3T6 700W 130(mbar) -120(mbar) 12
SC-550-C1T6 550W 100m3/h 120(mbar) -110(mbar) 11
SC-750-C1T6 750W 150(mbar) -150(mbar) 12
SC-550-C3T6 550W 140m3/h 60(mbar) -60(mbar) 12
SC-750-C3T6 750W 100(mbar) -100(mbar) 13
SC-700-D1T6 700W 145m3/h 120(mbar) -120(mbar) 13
SC-850-D1T6 850W 160(mbar) -160(mbar) 16
SC-1300-D1T6 1.3KW 200(mbar) -170(mbar) 17
SC-700-D3T6 700W 180m3/h 70(mbar) -70(mbar) 14
SC-850-D3T6 850W 120(mbar) -120(mbar) 17
SC-1300-D3T6 1.3KW 200(mbar) -170(mbar) 18
SC-850-E1T6 850W 210m3/h 100(mbar) -110(mbar) 20
SC-1300-E1T6 1.3KW 170(mbar) -170(mbar) 22
SC-1600-E1T6 1.6KW 190(mbar) -200(mbar) 23
SC-2200-E1T6 2.2KW 270(mbar) -220(mbar) 25
SC-850-E3T6 850W 270m3/h 40(mbar) -40(mbar) 21
SC-1300-E3T6 1.3KW 100(mbar) -100(mbar) 23
SC-1600-E3T6 1.6KW 150(mbar) -150(mbar) 24
SC-2200-E3T6 2.2KW 230(mbar) -220(mbar) 26
SC-1600-F1T6 1.6KW 265m3/h 180(mbar) -170(mbar) 25
SC-2200-F1T6 2.2KW 220(mbar) -235(mbar) 28
SC-3000-F1T6 3.0KW 280(mbar) -280(mbar) 34
SC-1600-F3T6 1.6KW 345m3/h 125(mbar) -125(mbar) 26
SC-2200-F3T6 2.2KW 195(mbar) -200(mbar) 29
SC-3000-F3T6 3.0KW 220(mbar) -240(mbar) 35
SC-1600-G1T6 1.6KW 318m3/h 150(mbar) -150(mbar) 27
SC-2200-G1T6 2.2KW 290(mbar) -270(mbar) 30
SC-3000-G1T6 3.0KW 290(mbar) -270(mbar) 36
SC-4000-G1T7 4.0KW 330(mbar) -290(mbar) 40
SC-1600-G3T6 1.6KW 420m3/h 100(mbar) -100(mbar) 29
SC-2200-G3T6 2.2KW 170(mbar) -170(mbar) 32
SC-3000-G3T6 3.0KW 220(mbar) -220(mbar) 37
SC-4000-G3T7 4.0KW 310(mbar) -260(mbar) 43
SC-4000-H1T7 4.0KW 530m3/h 200(mbar) -200(mbar) 54
SC-5500-H1T7 5.5KW 300(mbar) -300(mbar) 63
SC-7500-H1T7 7.5KW 430(mbar) -320(mbar) 66
SC-4000-H3T7 4.0KW 700m3/h 140(mbar) -150(mbar) 57
SC-5500-H3T7 5.5KW 180(mbar) -200(mbar) 66
SC-7500-H3T7 7.5KW 260(mbar) -270(mbar) 69
SC-8500-K1T7 8.5KW 1050m3/h 210(mbar) -210(mbar) 93
SC-12500-K1T7 12.5KW 270(mbar) -280(mbar) 116
SC-18500-K1T7 18.5KW 460(mbar) -340(mbar) 126
SC-8500-K3T7 8.5KW 1370m3/h 110(mbar) -120(mbar) 98
SC-12500-K3T7 12.5KW 190(mbar) -210(mbar) 121
SC-18500-K3T7 18.5KW 320(mbar) -310(mbar) 131

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