Mid-pressure hot air generator

Mid-pressure hot air generator

(Mid-pressure hot air blower)

High-efficiency    Energy-saving    Consistent 

•Made of non-magnetic 2080 nichrome wire. DSC02610
DSC2615 •Controlled by PID/SSR, temperature control precision ±3% , durability.
•PLC remote control enable! DSC02557
DSC02556 •High rate of heat exchange, small loss in air volume and pressure.

•Mid-pressure type hot air generator use higher blower for air source, flow and pressure are larger than General type.

•Widely used in electronics, foods, pharmaceutics, printing, packing, cleaning and thermal treatment. With a promising prospective, it is the ideal hot air source for the automatic machines in the hot-air drying industry.

4 3 2mid-pressure hot air generatormid-pressure hot air blower

Power supply 50HzSingle-phase220V3phase380V
Heater power3KW5KW7.5KW10KW15KW
Input temperaturenormal
Max output temperature350℃
Motor power180W250W250W550W550W
Max air flow6.8m3/min7.5m3/min8.4m3/min14m3/min14m3/min
Max air pressure1100Pa1200Pa853Pa1020Pa1020Pa
Inlet diameter-----
Outlet diameterФ89mmФ133mmФ133mmФ133mmФ219mm
Power supply 50Hz3phase380V
Heater power20KW25KW2*15KW2*17.5KW2*22.5KW
Input temperaturenormal
Max output temperature350℃
Motor power1.5KW1.5KW2.2KW2.2KW3.0KW
Max air flow25.5m3/min25.5m3/min26m3/min26m3/min27m3/min
Max air pressure2400Pa2400Pa2500Pa2500Pa2650Pa
Inlet diameter-
Outlet diameterф219mm

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