Aluminium-alloy-air-knife top inlet ST

Type: Aluminium-alloy air knife

Inlet Specification: ф25、ф38、ф51、ф63、ф76

Inlet position: top

Inlet numbers: 1-5

Outlet length: 50-2000mm

Outlet width: 0.3-3mm

Maximum air speed:160m/s

Highest temperature:100℃

Highest pressure:2kgf/cm2. 



Aluminium-alloy air knife

High-efficiency    Energy-saving    Consistent 


Material: Main part made of stainless steel SUS304, air outlet made of aluminium alloy

Application: Normal drying & cleaning.


Length of air outlet: 50~2000mm.

More choice, Easy installation.

Width of air outlet: 0.3~2mm.

Input normal air, output strong air.





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