Re-flow type hot air generator

Re-flow type hot air generator

(Re-flow type  hot air blower)

High-efficiency    Energy-saving    Consistent 

•Made of non-magnetic 2080 nichrome wire. DSC02610
DSC2615 •Controlled by PID/SSR, temperature control precision ±3% , durability.
•PLC remote control enable! DSC02557
DSC02556 •High rate of heat exchange, small loss in air volume and pressure.

•Re-flow type hot air generator include blower cooling unit, input temperature up to 230℃, save more energy than General type.

•The Re-flow hot air blower is the first choice for the new generation of energy-saving and environment-friendly products.

•Widely used in electronics, foods, pharmaceutics, printing, packing, cleaning and thermal treatment. With a promising prospective, it is the ideal hot air source for the automatic machines in the hot-air drying industry.

4 3 2re-flow type hot air blowerRe-flow type hot air generator

SpecificationE1220-3D-018YE3380-5D-025Y E3380-10D-055YE3380-10D-055YE3380-15D-055Y
Power supply 50HzSingle-phase220V3phase380V
Heater power3KW5KW7.5KW10KW15KW
Input temperaturenormal~230℃
Max output temperature350℃
Motor power180W250W250W550W550W
Max air flow6.8m3/min8.4m3/min8.4m3/min14m3/min14m3/min
Max air pressure458Pa853Pa853Pa1020Pa1020Pa
Inlet diameterФ76mmФ102mmФ102mmФ102mmФ102mm
Outlet diameterФ89mmФ133mmФ133mmФ133mmФ133mm
Power supply 50Hz3phase380V
Heater power20KW25KW2*15KW2*17.5KW2*22.5KW
Input temperaturenormal~230℃
Max output temperature350℃
Motor power1.5KW1.5KW2.2KW2.2KW3.0KW
Max air flow23m3/min23m3/min24m3/min24m3/min25m3/min
Max air pressure1900Pa1900Pa2100Pa2100Pa2300Pa
Inlet diameterФ152mm
Outlet diameterф219mm

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