Standard air knife

 Standard air knife

      High-efficiency    Energy-saving    Consistent 

Material: Main part made of stainless steel SUS304, air outlet made of aluminium alloy 

Standard air knife
DSC02572 Width of air outlet: 0.3~2mm. 

Length of air outlet: 50~2000mm. 

Kinds of air inlet, easy to install.

Side inlet, Back inlet, Top inlet.

Excellent workmanship. Good durability. DSC02578DSC02577
The air knife can be equipped with Blower in use, and the application is flexible and convenient.  2SCBLOWER1
  • Equipped with Hot Air Generator, the air knife can be used for hot air drying, quick drying or sterilization by  hot air. 
  • Standard Air Knife:

     Maximum air speed:200m/s 
     Highest temperature:150℃ 
     Highest pressure:2kgf/cm2.